Taberumo is a gift from the earth

Algae were born 3.5 billion years ago and became the foundation of today's ecosystem in the long history of life.  Algae are thought to be an ancestor of plants, then plants became a food source for animals. Today's flourish ecosystem has been created through this history. Spirulina is a kind of algae and is a superfood which contains condensed nutrients essential for human. However, heat-sensitive nutrients is easily lost in the well-known heat-dried Spirulina powder or tablet form. Tabérumo delivers fresh raw Spirulina which preserves full nutrients.

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Live your best life with Tabérumo.

Being the best is your source of confidence.

Tabérumo supports your maximum performance by keeping your health condition.


One pack of Tabérumo a day keeps your good health condition

Spirulina contains well-balanced nutrients - more than 60 nutrients including five major nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and proteins, as well as dietary fiber and plant pigments.

Spirulina is the king of superfood

Superfoods are nutrition-rich foods which are expected to be beneficial to human health and well-being. Spirulina is known as "The king of superfoods" and is loved by health conscious person and athletes. In additions, NASA has conducted research on Spirulina as potential food for astronauts during a long-term space mission.

Tabérumo is the first highest quality Spirulina in the world

Tabérumo is a product that maximizes the strength of Spirulina's odorless fresh taste and rich nutrients. Full nutrients are preserved by applying proprietary cultivation / processing / freezing technologies in contrast to general heat-treated Spirulina products.

The quality of the product is so high that it satisfies Japanese rigorous and stringent food safety standards.

The amazing odorless fresh taste is perfect for any kind of unheated food and dishes.

For the person who wants the best you

Spirulina is great for the people who wants to maintain themselves in good condition. Because of the wide variety of nutrients and its density, Spirulina has especially been loved by runners and yogini.

Here are what you can get from Spirulina:
Essential all kinds of amino acids (proteins) for human metabolism
Rich vitamins and minerals for an active life
Rich essential fatty acids and fatty acids to keep your health
Rich antioxidants
Plus, digestion/ absorption rate is approximately 95%!

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Fully Responsive

Sustainable food for our beautiful planet

We contribute to solve protein shortage and  create a new diet for human's future.


Spirulina has a long history of human's diet

Spirulina was born in early earth history, and it has survived until today everywhere on the earth. It was a daily nutritional source for the Aztecs in South America and is still consumed daily in some places in Africa where the land is unsuitable for agriculture. Spirulina is a safe food which has a long history with human. Spirulina has always been familiar nourishment source for humans.


Potential hero for protein shortage

If the current population growth continues, the global population is expected to exceed 9 billion in 2050. In addition to population growth, the demand for protein have been  increasing due to the improvement of dietary habits in emerging countries, and it is said that a protein crisis will come around 2030. Due to its high productivity per unit area, algae are attracting attention as a vital protein source.


Spirulina grows by photosynthesis

In fact, the land suitable for agriculture on the earth is limited. 

Spirulina enables high biomass production of protein in the limited area. Besides, it uses only sunlight, water, and trace minerals as algae grow by photosynthesis. It is extremely efficient production process in comparison of growing vegetables and cows.


Our aim is creating a sustainable and satisfying diet for now and our future

Tabérumo means "eating algae" in Japanese. Our Mission is to innovate and cultivate environmentally sustainable food technologies and resources to provide superior nutrition with algae for all, now and in the future. 

The benefits of the raw Spirulina are preserving Spirulina's nature of rich nutrition and odorless fresh taste. This raw Spirulina's unique features make Tabérumo is easy to adopt to people's daily diet. Creating the new culture / eating habit of raw Spirulina will contribute to the sustainability of food.

Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive
Fully Responsive

Keep your health and beauty with eating algae

Enjoy the amazing odorless fresh taste nutrients on your daily diet.

Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

The world's first high-quality frozen raw Spirulina and the frozen dessert with rich yogurt flavor containing plentiful of the raw Spirulina.

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